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    The Jamison Valley is a magnificent spectacle from any angle. From the panoramic views gained from its surrounding cliff tops to the many spectacular waterfalls, to the luscious flora and timid fauna. Over the last 200 years many have enjoyed its walks and challenges. Tourists rush to see and photograph the Three Sisters and walk the tourist trails, but there is a richer experience awaiting those willing to venture into its depths and out of the way places.

    This Project seeks to document the walks, passes, possibilities and facilities that the Jamison Valley in the Blue Mountains has to offer. It will initially be compiled from the author's track notes and photos. Hopefully other enthusiasts will also contribute their notes and photos to the collection.

    Another long term goal will be to document some of the history of human activity and impact in the valley.

    On this site you will find:

    1. Track notes including...
      • GPS and map coordinates
      • What to expect on the walk
      • Timings and distances
      • A map of the walk
      • Track gradings
    2. Photos of significant features
      • Waterfalls
      • Track starts / ends / navigation points
      • Flora and fauna
      • Views
      • Historical Sites
    3. Picnic, camping and toilet facilities
    4. History summaries
    5. Flora & Fauna notes


    Last updated : 28 Jun 2017
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