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    Track Type1Maintained tourist track.
    Track Condition2Good.
    Exposure1No Exposure
    Vertical100m (with many undulations)

    Federal Pass was constructed in 1900 and paid for by Public subscription. It was opened on the 3rd Nov 1900 by NSW Premier Lynne. Originally the pass connected Leura Forest with the Giant Stairway, Katoomba Falls, the scenic railway and what became the Landslide area. In 1936 it was expanded to include the old horse drawn tramway route which runs out to the Ruined Castle. The first walk along the route (Leura Forest to what became the Scenic railway) was completed by Rev Scott Fletcher and Mr Diews after the construction of the Fern Bower and Lilla & Linda falls tracks in 1893-4.1

    Cooks Crossing, located where the pass crosses Katoomba Creek, is named for Joseph Cook (1860-1947) who had a long association with the Blue Mountains. He worked as a miner in Lithgow before representing the state seat of Hartley 1891-1901 and the Federal seat of Parramatta and Prime Minister 1913-14.2

    Leura Forest is filled with tall turpentine trees, lillipillis and coachwoods. These provide dense shade, food and shelter for many animals. The abundance of water, cool shade and deep soils provide ideal conditions for the many ferns and other rainforest plants. Picnicers have been using the forest since the 1890s. It is sometimes known as Lady Carrington's Dining Hall. Trestles were constructed here in 1894 and the first gazebo 'teahouse' in 1900.


    • Golden Stairs
    • Furber Steps
    • Landslide Gully
    • Giant Staircase / Dardenelles Pass
    • Leura Cascades / Fern Bower
    • Lindeman Pass
    • Mt Solitary Track

    Map:   Katoomba & Jamison


    Track Notes

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    1 NWPS, Information Signage on Fern Bower Track.
    2 NWPS, Information Signage on Federal Pass.
    Last updated : 12 Sep 2016
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