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    Track Type3Unmarked track.
    Track Condition3OK, some work needed.
    Exposure1No Exposure
    Length600m (1km from car park & return)
    Vertical35m (60 from car park)

    Stonehaven Pass is a little known and unmarked track which is well worth a look. It was created by Mulheron, Ranger for the Wentworth Falls Reserve Trust, in the 1900s.


    • Den Fenella track, Wentworth Falls
    • Princes Rock Track, Wentworth Falls

    Map:   Katoomba

    Track Notes:

    The track starts on the Den Fennella track and ends on the Princes Rock track at Wentworth Falls. It is a short walk only needing about 30min to complete. The first section of track up until the fourth lookout (Murphy's Spiral Lookout) is in good condition even though it is not maintained. Great views can be had from each of the lookouts: Cashman's (561 651), Bill Wilson's (562 651), Rose's (which is easy to miss the track to, turn right a little after leaving Bill Wilson's taking you down under it) and Murphy's Spiral (562 651). This last is named for the spiral stairs that take you to one of the best lookout spots in the area.

    Care must be taken at each of the lookout on this track as there is little or no protection from the railings.

    After Murphy's spiral the track narrows and is more overgrown. There is a swampy section just after Wearne's lookout. Stepping blocks have been added to avoid most of the mud. The very last 20m which leads to the Princes Rock track has not been cleared and you will have a little scramble through some dead wood.

    Last updated : 12 Sep 2016


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    Old Railing - Cahmans Lookout - Stonehaven Pass
    Murphys Spiral Lookout - Stonehaven Pass
    Murphys Spiral Lookout - Stonehaven Pass
    Eggs & Bacon - Stonehaven Pass
    Warning - Stonehaven Pass
    Rock formation - Cashmans lookout - Stonehaven Pass
    Stonehaven Pass - Roses Lookout
    Stonehaven Pass - Roses Lookout
    Stonehaven Pass overlooking National Pass (bottom) and Den Fenella track (top)
    Stonehaven Pass start
    Murphys Spiral Lookout - Stonehaven Pass