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    Track Type2Marked track.
    Track Condition3OK, some work needed.
    Exposure2Some simple climbing

    Castle Head track is an easy walk and provides some of the best views over the Jamison and Cedar Creek Valleys as well as glimpses of the western end of Lake Burragorang. It is so named because it is on the same ridge as, and overlooks, the Ruined Castle.


    • Glenraphael Drive Katoomba

    Map:   Katoomba & Jamison

    Track Notes:

    This track starts 1km after the locked gate along the Narrow Neck fire trail. It finishes at the Castle Head trig. Many flowering plants can be seen along the fire trail. The start of the walk is marked with a NWPS sign and is hard to miss. It makes its way up a small hill where it joins the remains of an old fire trail. There are a number of tracks off to the left which head out to the cliff line. No advantage is gained on these as the views from Castle Head and where the track first reaches the cliff line are unsurpassed. Two tracks head to the right, one before the top of the hill and one just after. These both circle back to the Narrow Neck fire trail.

    The cliff line is reached 500m from the start of the track (483 623). Care must be taken at the two lookout points on the walk. Neither are fenced. From this point the track narrows and the vegetation changes to scrubby heath. The track is overgrown in parts and you will need to push through at points. After another 800m the trig is reached. Views are limited here.

    The track continues past the trig for another 100m to the end of the point where the best views can be gained.  Note that this is quite exposed and the last part is crumbly underfoot and requires some simple scrambling / climbing. Access to the Ruined Castle ridge below can only be gained via 3-5 abseil pitches.


    Last updated : 01 Jan 2020


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