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    Track Type1Maintained tourist track.
    Track Condition1Excellent.
    Exposure1No Exposure
    Length3.5km + 2.5km

    "Spring Creek Ridge" is an unnamed ridge between Spring Creek and Reedy Creek on the Kings Tableland. it runs 3.5km in a south-westerly direction frm the road out to the cliffline. The ridge is somewhat indistinct in parts and there are real vantage points to scout out the terrain ahead. It is best to use a GPS to naviagate it. It is fairly heavily wooded in places with the southern and western slopes being denser. The sections closest to the cliffline are worst.

    >> This Walk is not complete - the Pass is yet to be walked <<

    The track route dotted in blue is an estimate of where the descent might go.


    • Tablelands Rd, Wentworth Falls

    Map:   Jamison


    On Tablelands Rd travel 7km on the left fork past the y intersection at the old hospital to (597 567). Leave the car and climb up onto the ridge on the western side of the road. Follow this ridge in a south-westerly direction.

    The spot height at 590 556 has a cliff on its south-western edge so navigate south fom the spot height to pick up the saddle onto the spot height at 587 553. From this point head south skirting the cliff line. Be careful not to go too close to the cliff as the scrub becomes very difficult to penetrate. A detour to the cliffline at the last point above 700m will afford great views of Lions Head and Mt Solitary's Korrowall Ridge.

    Follow the gully which heads down to the southern face of the head.Note do not follow the gullies that head down towards or to Reedy creek. The pass is near the tip of the head.

    I have not yet attempted the pass from here. Stay tuned notes to come...

    Last updated : 08 May 2016


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