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    Current Projects:

    • Mapping a route from the bottom of Wentworth Falls to Kedumba Pass along the bottom of Kedumba Walls.
    • Exploration of a new Pass - Lawbeck Pass in Lawton's Creek.
    • Clearing and restoration of the Jungle Track (Govetts Leap).
    • Mapping and exploration of Spring Creek Ridge Pass
    • Documentation of Jamison History, Flora and Fauna

    Future Projects:

    • Documentation of Holbeach's Descent
    • Exploration of Possible passes from Kings Tableland
      • Kedumba A
      • Kedumba B
      • Kedumba C
      • Lion's Head A
      • Lion's Head B
    • Exploration of other passes
      • Lawton's Creek A
      • Narrow Neck A
    • Documenting a route up Korrowal Ridge & Point Repulse onto Mt Solitary
    • Exploration of a route from the source of Causeway Creek down the Kedumba River to the junction with Jamison Creek



    Last updated : 28 Jun 2017