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    In early October 2016 a major change to the escarpment at Medlow Bath occured . Except for a mention in Dave Noble’s blog and an article in a Lithgow newspaper, the event went almost unremarked. On Friday 21st of April Matt Bunton, another Upper Blue Mountains local, and I decided to check it out.

    What we discovered was quite spectacular. A large section of the cliff face quite close to the Colosseum broke off and obliterated the forest and sections of two tracks. One track was the Colosseum track which comes down from Medlow Bath ( via the Megalong Valley track). About 50 m of the track are now missing. Fortunately the Colosseum escaped damage. The second is a track that ran from the Colosseum to the farms close by in the Megalong Valley, which is now missing about 100m.

    Whilst we were there we managed to find a route across the landslide which picked up the second track where it emerges from the landslide. We have also marked our route with poles marked with tape as the easiest way across. Much care still needs to be taken despite the 6 months the landslide has had to settle. There is also evidence of water erosion which will continue to destabilise sections.

    The area circled in yellow on the map indicates the extent of the landslide. The blue solid line shows the track unaffected by the landslide. The dotted blue line indicates the new path through the landslide.

    Last updated : 27 Dec 2019


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    Colosseum Landslide1


    Colosseum Landslide2


    Colosseum Landslide3


    Colosseum Landslide4


    Colosseum Landslide6


    Marking Route - Colleseum Landslide2


    Marking Route - Collseum Landslide1