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    Track Type5Offtrack.
    Track Condition5Overgrown or badly eroded.
    Exposure1No Exposure

    Flying Fox Pass is named after the flying fox that at one time serviced the Leura sewerage works down in the valley. The pass crosses over its upper and lower cables on way up. There is also a rundimentary track which follows the cables on part of their journey. The the remains of the flying fox winding motor is located further south of the pass and is best accessed from Leura Creek.(see notes under Leura Cascades).
    I had theorised that this pass existed for quite a while whithout ever exploring it. There is evidence others have explored it before but no-one seems to have written it up.

    (Photos to come)


    • Leura Cascades Track below Bridal Veil Falls
    • Bridal View lookout track off Prince Henry Cliff Walk

    Map:   Katoomba


    From the bottom of Bridal Veil Falls folow the track down and accross the bridge. Cross Leura Creek at the reamins of the old bridge (now just one rail). Follow the steps up to an old tourist track. Left leads to a little overhang cave, right to a view of a grotto. Go straight ahead, up the gully, there is a rope half way up that will assist in the ascent. Keep ascending until you come to a rocky outcrop. Go up the left of it and then cut through the middle of it. Sidle along the gully on your right until you come to the 2nd outcrop, level with the bottom of the buttress on your right, Cross the steep gully to the side of the buttress and follow at the bottom of that cliff line and up the right hand gully. Avoid the small landslip and keep ascending always tending to the right. Eventually you will come out halfway along the track to Bridal Veil View lookout. Right to the lookout, left to Prince Henry Cliff Walk.

    Last updated : 01 Mar 2024


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