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    Track Type5Offtrack.
    Track Condition5Overgrown or badly eroded.
    Exposure3Tape or rope advised

    Blue Drum Creek is a rarely visited pass off the Kings Tableland. In fact it consists of two separate passes. One which follows Blue Drum Creek and another which negotiates a gully to the north of the creek. Due to the closeness of Blue Drum Creek to Lake Burragorang, all walks in this area need to stay close to the escarpment so that you avoid the 2km exclusion zone.

    The first known gully descent and terrace ascent was by John Morris and Graeme Holbeach on 11/12/93. Prior to this, Blue Drum Falls was abseiled occasionally, but the exit route was Kills Head to the south.


    • Tableland Rd, Wentworth Falls

    Map:   Jamison

    Track Notes
    Drive 12.5km from the Y intersection at the old hospital on Tablelands Rd, Wentworth Falls. Leave the cars at 605 531. There is a graded area on the left and one a little further on the right in which to leave the cars. Walk back along the road 650m (602 537). Leave the road and follow the flat ridge towards the cliffline in a SE direction. Once you reach the cliffline (594 532) circle around the head of the gully. The bush is very thick here. Don't descend into the gully too early. Follow the gully down the right slot. Just before you reach a spot where you might need a rope switch over to the left gully where the descent is easier.

    Once down swing to the left through the ferns descending to no further than 470m. Staying at this level should bring you round to the bottom of the Blue Drum Falls.

    Follow your path back but trying to stay as high as possible so that you can pick up a ramp onto the ledge that will take you to the top of the falls. The ramp starts at about 593 531 and takes you up to the base of the higher cliffs. The ledge has one slightly exposed section where some may prefer a hand line for safety. The ledge brings you out above the top of the falls. Descend to the creek, to the rocks above the junction of the two creeks. Cross the left hand creek, ascend a small way and sidle right on a ledge that leads into the right hand creek gully. Descend as soon as possible to the creek. Go up the creek for about 450m (past the cliffs on the left). Then head up to the left to the top of those cliffs. Turn left along at that level for 200m then right up to the ridge. Follow the ridge as it gradually swings left to the first line of cliffs around Harris Hill. Turn right around the base and look for an easy climb up. Follow the top of the ridge up and over the knoll until you reach the second cliff line. Turn left around the base and then right up a climbable gully. The summit cairn is to your right. Turn left along the top of the hill. The track back to the road goes off the end of the hill. At the road turn left, the cars are about 300m away.

    Last updated : 31 Oct 2016


    2021-09-20John NStunning route! We went clockwise. Incredible winds had the waterfall upside down: https://youtube.com/shorts/0jTyJuUHQX8?feature=share When we reached Holbeach’s Indent we went up rather than back-tracking to view Blue Drum Falls from below. I might try that another time. Thanks for the website!
    2016-02-13JonnoMe + 1 other SUBW member (Saul) went out today, we got down the gully OK, traversed around to the falls, then back up the ramp. But we either didn't got high enough, or I am just 'overly prudent' because after traversing along the ledge till the waterfall was within 200m we got to a spot where there was a 2m wide slot dropping down from the ledge. It is possible this is the spot referred to as 'slightly exposed where some may prefer a handline for safety' but even with a handline we weren't game to proceed. So will have to have a crack from above once the shins have healed over from all the banksia cuts ;-)
    2015-11-17Graeme HolbeachFirst known gully descent and terrace ascent by John Morris and myself on 11/12/93. Prior to this, Blue Drum Falls was abseiled occasionally, but the exit route was Kills Head to the south.
    2015-11-16EwaThat was a great walk. I never walked in this area before. The scenery and the rock formations were magnificent!
    2015-11-16EwaMount Solitary looked so different from Harris Hill.
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    Blue Drum - Rock formation 1


    Blue Drum - Rock Formation 2


    Blue Drum - Rock formation 3


    Blue Drum - tree scramble


    Blue Drum Descent


    Blue Drum Falls (lower)


    Blue Drum Falls (upper)


    Another Orphan Rock? and Kills Head (back)


    Descent Gully (Blue Drum Creek)


    Crossing left hand creek - Blue Drum


    Harris Hill cairn


    Narrow Neck & Wild Dog Mountains


    Pool above Blue Drum Falls (upper)