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    Track Type3Unmarked track.
    Track Condition4Poor sections.
    Exposure2Some simple climbing

    Gladstone Pass was created by the failed mining operations of the 19th century. Mining workers used it daily to go from the village of "Gladstone" to the mine down in the valley. More information about the mine and the Pass' history can be found in Jim Smith's bookon Lindeman Pass1.

    Gladstone Pass starts near the entry to the Fairmont Resort. It can be found at the top of the turning loop (used for sewage pumpout) just inside the entry.


    • Sublime Point Rd, Leura (Fairmont Resort)
    • Lindeman Pass

    Map:   Katoomba

    Track Notes:

    These notes give directions from the bottom where the Gladstone Pass branches from Lindeman Pass. They could easily be followed in reverse.

    Gladstone Pass track can be found on the western side of Gladstone Creek. After crossing the creek go up and around a small section to some small trees marked with tape (544 649). Looking up and back towards the creek there is a silver metal tag on a fern tree. The track heads from here back towards the creek uphill to a little overhang.
    After a short while the track comes back to the creek and crosses between two waterfalls and then heads straight up the east bank. When you come to some beautiful old stairs cross back over to the west without using them (whatever they once connected with is now gone). Then cross back over to where the stairs would have brought you. Continue up the east side.
    After a long up hill section you reach a large flat area, cross the creek back to the western side and over some large fallen trees. Go under the last one, around the large rock and stay close to the creek. Soon you will find a rope where the gully closes in. Follow the rope up the stairs cut into the rock. At the end of the rope cross the creek again (for the last time) to the eastern side. If you reach the waterfall with the large log laying up it you have gone too far. The track goes up the right hand gully and under a fallen log which can be awkward and slippery. This next section is very wet, very muddy and slippery. Teh track is straight forward from here. When you reach a black rope put in to help with a slippery bit you are almost at the top.
    Two exits are available at the top. 1) To the right a sign can be seen at the end of a fire trail which leads back to the Fairmont resort. 2) Continuing up the gully will bring you to a shed with old motor mounts (543 655). I am not really sure what these were used for, possibly a pumping station? From here the track runs accross the top of the gully and brings you out on the firetrail at the back of houses and leads to the turning circle near the entrance to the Fairmont.


    1 Jim Smith, The Blue Mountains mystery track : Lindeman Pass, Three Sisters Productions, 1990.
    Last updated : 09 Nov 2015


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