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    Track Type1Maintained tourist track.
    Track Condition3OK, some work needed.
    Exposure1No Exposure

    The Golden Stairs are located on Narrow Neck and with Walls Pass are the only other pass on the east side of Narrow Neck.

    The stairs were originally used by miners who worked the shale deposits near the ruined castle. There is also pictorial history of a Salvation Army band carrying instruments down the stairs to entertain the mining camp also near the Ruined Castle.


    • Glen Raphael Drive, Katoomba
    • Federal Pass

    Map:   Katoomba


    The track starts next to the sign board at the south east end of the car park and is easily followed. This is perhaps the easiest entry/exit from the Jamison valley. The track has seen some erosion and tree falls in recent times and the upper part of the track is not as well maintained as it could be. There are no navigational issues. A fit person can ascend the staris in about 15mins.

    Last updated : 27 Dec 2019


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