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    Grading6Very Hard
    Track Type5Offtrack.
    Track Condition4Poor sections.
    Exposure3Tape or rope advised

    Holbeach's Descent was discovered by Sutherland Club in 1992, (Graeme Holbeach, Mick Dulihunty, Margaret Rozea and Wilf Hilder). It was named by Fr Frank Bendeich in his Waysider No. 235 article. It was also named 'Humble Pie Pass' by Mick after Wilf's mention of eating humble pie after declaring that the aeirial photos showed there could not be a pass there.

    It can be seen in the photo below of Lions Head from Spring Ck Ridge. It is the vertical dark gully to the right of the head.


    • Tablelands Rd, Wentworth Falls
    • Lions Head Track

    Map:   Jamison


    Notes from the original descent can be found at in a Bush Club Newsletter.

    Here are some more recent notes (used by permission). My thanks to Keith J.

    The gully from the Holbeach Descent is about 100m East of Lions Head, so a short 50m backtrack followed by a descent at first only steeply and then v. steeply to the East down a short obvious ridge into the first gully. There will be loose rocks on the descent to the gully - choose your footing carefully.

    Once in the gully, there’s maybe 100m of descent over loose rocks (this is a rarely travelled pass) brings you to within 10m of a drop off.

    The first gully doesn’t look especially steep once you’re down, but every one of those rocks is loose and every fern hides another loose rock. However, there are a few signs of a rough track down.

    Contouring left into a 2nd and more Easterly gully allows the descent to continue… just as steeply. It comes to steep 3m slabs that could probably be negotiated with tape and a steady pair of hands. It is slightly easier to contour right and back into the first gully. And after a small amount of exposure (tape optional, but recommended) the talus is reached.

    Follow a narrow (but not especially exposed) ledge to the left and descend steeply to Spring Creek. Battle across the Creek over large boulders and fallen branches, and head straight towards the base of point. After 300m the going gets significantly easier along a broad level terrace.


    I haven't walked it yet, but will post my own detailed notes when I do so.


    Last updated : 03 Sep 2021


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    Lions Head from Spring Ck Ridge


    Holbeachs Descent - 1st gully


    Holbeachs Descent from Spring Creek Ridge