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    Mountain Passes are important thoroughfares in the Jamison Valley. Because the valley is a canyon and the cliffs are sheer on 3.5 sides, walking access into the valley is limited to those places where there are breaks in the cliff line. This site hopes to document each of these passes giving clear instruction, the level of difficulty and the skills needed to negotiate them.

    There are currently 20 passes known to the author which give access to the valley from the escarpment. That is not counting variations (Copeland Pass x 3, Landslide Gully x 2, Blue Drum Creek x 2). These passes vary greatly in a number of their aspects; degree of difficulty, exposure to heights, condition of track, views and surrounding vegetation types. The valley can also be entered from the Coxs River without having to negotiate a pass.

    Last updated : 09 Nov 2015