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    Track Type3Unmarked track.
    Track Condition4Poor sections.
    Exposure2Some simple climbing
    Length650m (+ 166km on old road)
    Vertical175m (+ 300m on old road)

    Lion's Head Pass was originally used by the indigenous people of the area to gain access to and from the Kedumba valley. It is a fairly direct route and can be connected with an old road which leads to the valley floor. It is reported that there are cave paintings at the bottom of the pass, although I haven't seen them yet.


    • Tablelands Rd, Wentworth Falls and Lins Head Ridge track

    Map:   Jamison

    Track Notes

    Access to this pass is via the Lion's Head Track which starts 4.7 km after the King's Tableland Rd divides (see Lion's Head track notes). Follow the Lion's Head track for 2.8km. When you get your first real view of Lion's Head (see photo below) the Pass start cairn is in the second gully you come to. The cairn is large and hard to miss (580 561. It is well worth the short walk on to Lion's Head as the views are spectacular (900m return).

    The descent of the Pass is straight forward. There is only one navigational choice about halfway down. The false track leads ahead and a little to the right up next to a large rock. Instead keep to the left and follow the gully. Much of the pass is dry and the dirt loose and slippery.

    At the bottom of the pass is a relatively level section filled with ferns. From this point veer to the left following the contour for about 300m. You should find the remains of an old road which provides easier walking down to the valley floor. This road intersects with the Kedumba Valley fire trail not far from Kedumba Crossing. Turn right on this road. Not far along you will find the grave/monument to Charles Maxwell, a member of the family who owned the farm in this part of the valley. The ruins of two homesteads are close by and are worth visiting.1


    1 For more information on the Maxwell's see  :  Jim Barrett    "The kills of Kedumba"    Neville Bush Holdings, 2008.
    Last updated : 30 Mar 2019


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    Lions Head - First View


    Start Cairn - Lions Head Pass


    Lions Head from Spring Ck Ridge