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    Track Type5Offtrack.
    Track Condition5Overgrown or badly eroded.
    Exposure3Tape or rope advised

    Mt Miner's pass is a descent through the northern face of Mt Solitary. It offers great views over most of the Jamison Valley. It winds down the cliff line and involves two short climbs. 


    • Mt Solitary track / Federal Pass / Golden Stairs
    • Mt Solitary track / Kedumba Pass
    • Leura fire trail

    Map:   Jamison


    After ascending Mt Solitary from either the east or west the start point for the pass is found in a small gully a third of the way across the top from the eastern end (529 586). There is a distinctive tree at the head of the gully and a well trodden track from the west approach.

    The gully descends steeply to the bottom of the upper cliff line. Follow round the bottom of the cliff to your right for about 180m. Then drop down and around to the left. Here there are two drops which can be climbed by experienced climbers but most will need hand lines to negotiate successfully. Continue along to the left for 250m then descend to the flatter ground below. All to this point is Cleary marked with cairns.

    The next section requires very careful navigation. It contains a number of small hills and gullies. Make your way over these to the start of the main ridge down (534 593). 

    Follow this ridge till the knoll at 542 596. Veer left onto the less distinct ridge. Follow this till 548 603 And again veer left down to the junction of Kedumba River with Jamison Creek. The creek is usually between knee and waist deep at this spot. Wade the creek. Head up and onto the ridge and head NE until you reach the Leura Fire trail. Turn right to start the 7.2km ascent of Kedumba Pass.


    Last updated : 18 Nov 2015


    2015-11-16Ewa I totally agree with what Sue and Florence wrote. I loved the walk and I am looking forward to join you soon in more off track adventures. Best wishes.
    2015-11-12SueHi Rob I had a great time on the walk I really like a challenge and discovering new places and trails especially in that area as I live there albeit part time ! It was great that John and u put those types of walks off track that require good navigation. I'll be there for more of them .. Thanks Sue
    2015-11-09FlorenceIt was a fantastic walk. I felt so lucky to have leaders like Rob Powell and John Cooper to giving their time to guiding us on the walk, without their guardian, I would never be able to walk into that area and enjoy the beauty in that area at Blue Mountains. Looking forward for another walk with them.
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    Miners Pass - Grevillea asplenifolia


    Miners Pass - Large seed pods


    Jamision Creek & Kedumba River junction


    Kedumba River (from Miners Pass)