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    Track Type2Marked track.
    Track Condition2Good.
    Exposure1No Exposure
    Length3.6km to Lindeman Pass + 1km to Vera Falls Track
    Vertical300m (+80m to Vera Falls Track)

    Robert's Pass is an easy way into the valley. It has less steps than the Valley of the Waters track, is relatively dry (unlike Gladstone Pass) and has none of the exposure that Copeland Pass on Sublime Point has. It offers good views from its side trips and the novelty of a ladder through a very narrow cleft in the rock.

    Roberts Pass was originally just known as 'The Pass'.1 It is not known who the pass was named after but Jim Smith suggested that it might have been Sir Alfred Roberts a surgeon who died in his Wentworth Falls home in 1908.2 The pass original ladder was made of wood and perished in the 1950s. In the 1960s petitions were made to the Blue Mountains Cirty Council to have it replaced but to no avail. It was finally funded and replaced privately by Jim Smith and Bruce Forbes in 1985.3 The track is now maintained by NWPS.


    • Sublime Point Rd, Leura (Fairmont Resort) and Grand Cliff Top Walk
    • Lindeman Pass
    • Vera Falls Track

    Map:   Katoomba

    Track Notes:

    Starting at the gate to the Fairmont resort walk down the drive and turn right at the first building. Follow the service road down the south side of the resort, continue on the dirt road for about 500m. After passing the old 'comando course', work sheds and tennis courts you will come to a golf tee. There are signs for the Grand Cliff Top Walk to Valley of Waters. Follow this track for 250m and take the track to Moya Point and Gladstone Lookout (549 653).

    Short excursions; 2min to Moya Point (550 648) and 5min to Gladstone Lookout (549 648) are well worth the time. Moya Point gives great views of Wentworth Falls and the Eastern end of the Jamison Valley. Gladsone Lookout overlooks the Gladstone Pass and the East side of Sublime point as well as a view to Mt Solitary.

    The track now descends into the Gully of Roberts Pass. The first section, which leads to the ladder, can be slippery when wet. Some may need to take their packs off to negotiate round the bottom of the ladder. The ladder gives onto a flight of stairs and then another short steep section, which may be slippery when wet. Warning: The track has been washed away in some of this section with lots of fallen trees.

    After this the pass runs south along the point and then zigzags down the end to meet with Lindeman Pass (550 645). Robert's Pass continues to the left and is relatively easy to follow as it navigates a couple of small landslides and descends to the Vera Falls Track (180m vertical, 1.5km horizontal).

    1 1915 Government Tourist Bureau map of Wentworth Falls.
    2 Jim Smith, The Blue Mountains mystery track : Lindeman Pass, Three Sisters Productions, 1990. p42.
    3 Smith,  p85.
    Last updated : 10 Nov 2020


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    Cliff Walk Start


    Moya Point turn off


    Wentworth Falls from Moya Point


    Roberts Pass - stairs before ladder


    Roberts Pass - ladder


    Roberts Pass - ladder


    Roberts Pass - stairs below ladder


    Roberts Pass junction with Lindeman Pass


    Proboscus - Roberts Pass (Angophora)


    Gladstone Lookout


    Gladstone Pass from Gladstone Lookout


    Roberts Pass - original start