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    Track Type2Marked track.
    Track Condition3OK, some work needed.
    Exposure1No Exposure

    No Access to National Pass because of rock falls.

    In 1884 Capt. James Murray made the first recorded descent into the vlley of the Waters by lowering himself down on a rope. Later as a trustee of the Wentworth Falls Reserve he was instrumental in the development of waling tacks. Lillian's bridge honours his wife Lilla and Brittania Falls is named for his daughter.The first stone staircase above wentworth falls is named Mrs murray's Staircase. Much of the valleys stone work was done by or supervised by Capt. Murray. By 1897 many kms of track had been made and lookouts and shelters built. In 1903 the Vera Falls track was opened followed by National Pass in 1908.

    The Valley of the Waters is named for the succession of waterfalls and cascades which the creek flows over in its short 2.5km length.

    Named falls are Empress, Sylvia, Lodore, Flat Rock, Britania, Vera. The track is generally in good condition. It gives access to National Pass, Wentworth Pass, Roberts Pass and the Hippocrene Falls Track.


    • Conservation Hut, Fletcher St, Wentworth Falls

    Map:   Katoomba


    The track starts at the Conservation Hut in Wentworth Falls. It first descends to the cliff line where there are a few short walks to lookouts which shouldn't be missed (Queen Victoria & Lyrebird lookouts). The track heads west along the cliff line and then descnds into the canyon via a coulple of ladders and ledges. The track is well marked and easy to follow. Care must be taken around the waterfalls as there is limited fencing and the rocks are very slippery.

    A number of waterfalls can be seen. In order they are: Empress Falls, Sylvia Falls, Lodore Falls, Brittania Falls, Flat Rock Falls & Vera Falls. After the spectaculare waterfalls at the head of the gorge the creek continues to descend through lush forest and the further you go the more serene and alone you become. A great and beautiful space away from the tourist rush.

    Note that Brittania Falls are beyond the National Pass turn off and Flat Rock Falls and Vera Falls are beyound the turn off to Wentworth Pass. FOr those wanting to visit Vera Falls please see the track notes for Hippocrene Falls and Vera Falls Track

    Last updated : 10 Nov 2020


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