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    The tracks of the Jamison Valley give access to some of the best scenery and flora of the Blue Mountains. There are a great variety of tracks both in and around the valley. Many of them haven't always been for leisure. Some of the origins of the tracks include:

    • Ancient trails used by the aboriginal inhabitants of the area
    • Mining access tracks, foot & rail
    • Specially created tourist tracks
    • Unofficial tracks created by walkers

    I have divided the tracks into two groups. TRACKS: those that are either above or below the cliff line. PASSES: those which go through the cliff line.

    It is always hard to estimate the number of tracks that exist and where one ends and another starts. This author has identified over 20 tracks to date, but will keep adding to the number as time goes on. Please let me know if you know of ones I haven't listed. Some of the tracks I haven't yet got around to are those that are mostly above the cliff lines, at the start of other tracks.


    Last updated : 12 Sep 2016