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    Track Type1Maintained tourist track.
    Track Condition1Excellent.
    Exposure1No Exposure
    Length1.5km (one way)
    Vertical20m (undulating)

    Dardanelles Pass was built by Jim McKay, the builder of the Giant staiway, in 1915. It was built as a more direct route connecting Leura Forest to the stairway, staying nearer to the top of the tallus slope to afford better views of the valley. Its name honours the involvement of ANZAC troops in battles in Turkey in WWI.


    • Federal Pass
    • Giant Staircase
    • Leura Cascades / Fern Bower

    Track Notes

    Dardanelles Pass is a short linking track from Leura Forest to the Giant Staircase. It also provides an alternative to Federal Pass which takes a lower route around the Three Sisters.

    The track is generaly good with a small section that has been affected by tree falls and erosion (landslide). There are no navigational issues and the track is fairly level.

    The start of the track is found at the south-western corner the Leura Forest near the picnic shelter. Lyrebirds, white browed scrub wrens and goannas can often be seen in the picnic area.

    Last updated : 21 Jan 2024


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    White-browed Scrub-Wren - Leura Forest


    Lyrebird - Leura Forest


    Goanna - Leura Forest