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    Track Type3Unmarked track.
    Track Condition2Good.
    Exposure1No Exposure

    The Vera Falls and Hyppocrene Falls tracks form a loop from the Valley of the Waters to Wentworth Falls. The Hippocrene Falls Track follows Jamison Creek from the bottom of Wentworth Falls (where Wentworth Pass starts) to the junction with the Valley of the Waters Creek. It is joined there by the Vera Falls track which comes down from the Valley of the Waters via Vera Falls.


    • National Pass and Slacks Stairs
    • Valley of the Waters

    Map:   Katoomba

    Track Notes:

    a) Hippocrene Falls Track

    The Hippocrene Falls track starts at the bottom of Wentworth Falls and continues to follow Jamison Creek. The track descends on a well made track. There are numerous cascades to explore as the creek heads to Hyppocrene Falls which has a fabulous pool for a cool dip on warm summer days.

    The track condition detriorates a little as it continues to descend and can become a little indistinct around where it reaches Den Fenella Creek. At the junction with Valley of the Waters creek a good picnic spot can be found on the other side of Jamison Creek.

    The return journey can be made by retracing the route or by looping via the Valley of the Waters track by way of Vera Falls.

    A track also continues as an unmarked track / footpad down Jamison Creek from the junction with Valley of the Waters Creek for a couple of handred meters. It is possible to follow the creek all the way to the junction with Kedumba River and the Kedumba / Leura fire trail. (See Jamison Creek Track)

    b) Vera Falls track

    The Vera Falls Track starts at the point at which Wentworth Pass branches off from the Valley of the Waters Track. Following the west side of the Valley of the Waters Creek, the track passes Brittania Falls (554 654) and  Flat Rock Falls (554 654) which is near the start of Roberts Pass. These can only be glimpsed from the track. After about 350m from Roberts Pass the track crosses the creek at some large boulders. These can be slippery so care must be taken.

    Just after the track crosses from the west to the east bank there is a loop which leads to the top of Vera Falls. The main track travels away from the creek and loops around the hill coming back to the falls. The part of the loop which follows the creek is hard to find but branches off not long after the crossing. A small cairn can be found about 20m off the main track in a section of open woodland.

    The track to the bootom of the falls is a one way track which follows back up the creek. It branches off just as you finish descending back to the creek (557 645).

    The track finishes at the junction of the Valley of the Waters Creek with Jamison Creek (557 644). At this point it joins the Hippocrene Falls track which descends Jamison Creek from the bottom of Wentworth Falls (reached by Slack's Stairs).

    Last updated : 12 Sep 2016


    2017-02-17Lynette JordanCan you send me a map to follow because I would like to do the Valley of the waters walk ( the one with the most waterfalls Cheers Lynette :-)
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    Hippocrene Falls


    Hippocrene Falls pool


    Hordern St Fire 2015


    Jamison Creek / Valley of the Waters Creek Junction


    Vera Falls


    Hordern St fire from Vera Falls