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    Track Type5Offtrack.
    Track Condition5Overgrown or badly eroded.
    Exposure2Some simple climbing

    The Jamison Creek Track is a route only. Although a footpad exists for the first kilometer after the Jamison - Valley of the waters creeks junction the rest is off track. Jim Smith mentions in his 1990 book on Lindeman Pass that it would be good to find a route which completes the grand circuit of the Jamison Valley. Currently, unless one uses the public rooad from Kedumba Pass to Rocket Point (Wentworth Falls), the circuit is not possible. One possible route to complete the circuit is to follow Jamison Creek. Another, which will be explored at a later date,  is to find a way along the top of the tallus slope at the bottom of Kedumba walls. This page focusses on the first.


    • Wentworth Falls - National Pass, Slacks Stairs and Hypocrene Falls track
    • Kedumba fire trail

    Maps:   Katoomba & Jamison

    Track Notes:

    After descending from Wentworth Falls picnic area via National Pass, Slacks Stairs and the Hypocrene Falls track, take the track off to the left which leads to the junction of Jamison creek and Valley of the Waters creek. Cross over Jamison creek where you will find a good clear area with logs and fire place. From this spot a footpad leads down the eastern side of the creek for about 1km. This footpad is fairly easy to follow until about 300m (557 636) before the arc shaped cliff line on the major side creek. Continuing on this side by sidling the very steep slope as I did is difficult and precarious in places. It is better to cross to the western side and follow the creek fairly closely. After the big left hand bend at 551 631 head away from the creek and up onto the flatter area on the 260m contour. The crossing of Lawton's creek is straight forward with a steepish climb up the other side. The next gully marked as 2 small creeks has very steep sides. You will need to head down the gully to find a suitable point to climb up out again or follow it down to Jamison creek and head along the flatter section beside the Jamison.

    Cross back to the eastern side just after the large flat rock ledge next to the creek on the western side of the bend at 547 622. This is an easy crossing. Again head away from the creek up out of the thick vegetation and try to stay on the 220m contour till you reach the Kedumba/Leura fire trail. There are 4 gullies to cross none of which are significant obstacles but the bush is a little thicker around them.

    Last updated : 24 Oct 2016


    2016-04-04Florence I have walked with Rob’s group several times around Jamison Creek area and ending at Kings Tableland, each time we made a different off track explore. That is pretty cool. Every time we discover new routes, learning the area more, and you never feel the same. This walk combined lots of up/down both on track and off track, and finished with 7km up hill. You feel very proud of yourself after you completed the walk.
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