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    Grading6Very Hard
    Track Type5Offtrack.
    Track Condition5Overgrown or badly eroded.
    Exposure1No Exposure

    Kedumba Walls Tallus track came from an idea I found in Jim Smith's book on the Lindeman Pass. His idea was to circumnavigate the Jamison valley without the use of public roads. Currently for the section between Wentworth Falls and Kedumba Pass there are 2 explored options. The first involves using Kedumba Pass and and Tablelands Rd to connect up with the tracks from Rocket Point (including Little Switerland gully). The second is to follow the route down Jamison Creek as described on this site. Neither in my opinion are satisfactory. So I decided to give a go at finding a way along the bottom of Kedumba Walls.


    • National Pass and Slacks Stairs
    • Kedumba Pass
    • Kedumba Pass (a) which comes off the Kedumba Pass road just after the locked gate

    Maps:  Katoomba & Jamison

    Track Notes:

    From the bottom of the lower Wentworth Falls cross Jamison Creek (see photo below). From this crossing there is a track which you can follow for about 500m after this it peters out. Stay then at an altitude of between 500 and 540m. You should find a series of flatter sections which make the walking easier. Dropping below this level increases the amout of lawyer vine you will have to fight your way through. Going high is clear in terms of vegetation but your time will be consumed in navigating around ledges that lead nowhere and drop offs you will continually go up and down to negotiate.

    So far only the first 3rd of the walk has been explored, to the creek which comes down from Hordern Rd. The exploratory route is marked on the above map. The outward journey was attempted as close as possible to the bottom of the cliff. The return journey was attempted at the lower level.

    Last updated : 24 Oct 2016


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