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    Track Type2Marked track.
    Track Condition1Excellent.
    Exposure1No Exposure

    The Nature Trail winds its way around the ridges and creeks above the Valley of the Waters. It is a short but beautiful walk. The first sections of the trail were built by Peter Mulheran in 1896 including (the original) Lillian's bridge. Railway line from the abandoned Gladstone Coal Mine was used as fence posts. The track was officially opened in 1910.1


    • West St , Wentworth Falls
    • Victoria St , Wentworth Falls
    • Conservation Hut , Wentworth Falls
    • Grand Clifftop walk

    Map:   Katoomba


    The Nature Trail is a circuit walk, so you can begin and end at any of the above access points.

    From Conservation Hut, take the Valley of the Waters Track. Just after Queen Victoria Lookout do not descend but continue straight ahead to the little wooden bridge and picnic area.

    At Lillian's Bridge a short distance from the picnic area continue ahead without crossing. The track over the bridge is the Grand Clifftop Walk which leads to Roberts Pass and the Fairmont Resort.

    The track drops down to the creek. This is the start point for canyoners for Empress Falls Canyon. At the creek junction a short track leads up the right hand creek to Flora's Bath. This is quite slippery and unsuitable for small children as it has some exposure to heights. The bath is well worth a visit.

    The lefthand creek (track is on left side) leads to Lillian's Glen where there are stone stepping stones. On the left bank there is a rough track which leads further up the creek into a delightful grooto named Asmodeus Pool.

    From the stepping stones the track ascends to Edinburgh Castle which has great views of this little valley. From the 'castle' the track heads up again towards West St. There are two exits to West St.

    From West St the track becomes a flat firetrail which eventually leads back to the Conservation Hut.

    The track is easy to follow although not signposted. A number of numbered metal marker can be found on the track. These coincide with a self-guided walk brochure available from the Conservation Hut.

    The track contains a number of hidden gems including:

    • secluded pools - Flora's bath and Asmeodus Pool
    • deep canyons - Valley of the Waters Ck
    • a large variety of flowering native plants
    • rainforest picnic area
    • self-guided nature walk


    1 Jim Smith, The Track Maker The life and works of Peter Mulheran, Den Fenella Press, 2012, pp31.
    Last updated : 10 Nov 2020


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