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    Track Type3Unmarked track.
    Track Condition3OK, some work needed.
    Exposure1No Exposure

    Wentworth Pass starts at the bottom of Wentworth Falls and procedes round the bottom of the cliff line to the Valley of the Waters. It is a less busy if less spectacular alternative to National Pass.


    • Falls Rd, Wentworth Falls / National Pass & Slacks Stairs
    • Conservation Hut, Wentworth Falls / Valley of the Waters Track

    Map:   Jamison


    Wentworth Pass starts at the bottom of Wentworth Falls and is relatively easy to follow. The track has had no maintenance for quite a while and is  eroded in places. The track follows below he cliffline and is nice and cool on a summers day.

    There is only one difficulty in navigation about halfway along. There is a large rock shelf on the track that seems to send you uphill. Resist the urge that may have given in to. The track drops off the rock to the left. I have tried to mark an arrow on the rock.

    After this the track moves through some lovely forrest as it heads into the Valley of the Waters. The track is in good condition on this section.

    The creek crossing is obvious but can be very slippery. After crossing you join up with the Vera Falls track which if turning right will tack up up the Valley of the Waters and eventually to the COnservation Hut.

    Last updated : 10 Nov 2020


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